DIVINE SIGN PRODUCTIONS started with a desire to provide more family-friendly content. Drake and Serena Travis, the Executive Producers, create and collaborate with other content creators to bring stories to life.

Completed projects include:

Award-winning TV pilot, The Comeback Kids, written by Ryan Paul James and starring Melissa Disney, Keith Coogan, and Dean Cameron. Features award-winning song “I’m Stalking You” by Melissa Disney

Award-winning film, Amazon Arising: Joy in the Jungle, a first-person documentary featuring Jungle Jen as she leads us into the deep waters and communities tucked away in the Amazon Jungle

The High Road Show, a 30-minute TV show, where Drake and Serena talk with people who desire to cure the cultural chaos.

Happy ReBirthday, a short film made for the 168 Film Project, where a young wife rediscovers joy on her birthday.

The Refill, a short film made for the 168 Film Project, which shows a therapist who needs to learn to take his own advice.

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