Connected Strings

In post-production

Connected Strings is a 40-minute documentary that shares the experiences of Finnish-American filmmaker Serena Travis along with her sisters, Cherilyn and Vanessa. As children, the sisters learned to sing Finnish songs accompanied by the kantele, a Finnish table harp.

Over time, the sisters learned that they were descendants of Kreeta Haapasalo (1813-1893), a noted kantele player in Finland. Their grandma May who pursued genealogy made this discovery and created a family tree that the sisters watched grow. The family genealogy pursuit is kept alive by May’s children, Robbie and Sharon.

Happy ReBirthday

Happy ReBirthday, a short film created for the 168 Film Project, features a young wife who is on a journey to discover joy on her birthday.

Trailer coming soon.

The Refill

The Refill, a short film created for the 168 Film Project, features a therapist who needs to learn the value of his own advice.

IMDb: The Refill

Amazon Arising

Experience encounters with exotic animals, witness souls that are hungry for the gospel, and feel the impact joy can bring to those who need it most. Amazon Arising is a first-person missionary feature documentary that transports you into the heart of the Amazon jungle.. It’s high water season and this adventure-packed journey follows the life of Jungle Jen as she reaches the “unreached.” Observe the victories and the challenges that a modern-day missionary faces on this journey of joy.

IMDb : Amazon Arising : Joy in the Jungle

The Comeback Kids

Richie Eisenberg & Gary Fischer were child stars in the 80’s. Now in their 40’s, they’re giving their big dream another chance. The problem, Hollywood has changed and they both struggle to make sense of a business they once conquered.

IMDb : The Comeback Kids

The High Road Show

Drake and Serena Travis tackle modern issues with their guests on The High Road Show, a 30 minute TV talk show.

IMDb: The High Road

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